Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has become increasingly popular, along with regular green tea brands on the market, we are beginning to see more variations of green tea. There has been a large increase in the sale of green teas such as matcha and sencha green tea, as more people learn about the benefits of green tea -... Continue Reading →

Never another sleepless night.

 Lavender Tea Let the nodes of lavender help you drift into a better slumber. Insomnia suffers often find it difficult to get away from certain triggers such as the stresses of a busy lifestyle or noise pollution, this tea has been used for centuries to help people who are feeling restless, successfully bringing them a... Continue Reading →

A new tea review

Ok, so I'm raving about about a new tea I bought at Sostrene Grene by Anna and Claras. In store or online you can find their wide variety of loose leaf teas. Today I tried out their eldaflower tea, which is one of the best teas I have ever smelt, not to mind the beautiful... Continue Reading →

Shen Chu Cha Chinese Remedy

The history of herbal teas is thought to have begun around 350 A.D. this came to the foreground when Lu Yu wrote in chinese a scroll entitled ‘The Classic of Tea’ this  information regarded the cultivation, processing, and uses of herbal teas. However, the first consumption of tea may have come in existence thousands of... Continue Reading →

Rooibos Tea

It is by no means impossible to live the high antioxidant lifestyle, we all should practise taking in foods, herbs and teas that will protect your body in many ways, reduce the risk of various chronic and degenerative diseases and  improve your overall wellbeing. As Hippocrates remarked in his credo “Let thy food be thy... Continue Reading →

Rose Tea

These flowers make a soft fragrant brew that is light-tasting, and refreshing. Often, rose tea is brewed from whole petals of roses that have matured or young buds. Rose tea can help relieve some of the symptoms of menstruation such as cramping, according to the 2005 study published in the “Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health.”... Continue Reading →

Trending matcha is here to stay!

Short introduction to matcha green tea. Matcha is all about having more energy than you thought possible, repressing hunger, feeling energetic, sleeping a full night again as well as shifting some unwanted weight! you can get too much of a good thing, I recommend look for organic and good quality matcha, and enjoy it in... Continue Reading →

Parsley Tea 

  My Experience  When taking my 2nd dose of antibiotics for a kidney infection, I was desperate to kick it. After trying so many remedies, I finally found an effective one, parsley tea ! listed in a herbal in an old herbal book, it was a lucky find. This Tea has numerous health benifits and... Continue Reading →

Honey and Cinnamon

  This is the perfect easy and tasty  accompaniment that will work wonders with most herbal teas and has many health benefits. My favorite tea to have it with is mint and sage. This mixture can be stirred into your favorite cup of herbal brew or served as a small side to eat along side... Continue Reading →

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