Food Pairing, Introducing the Tea Sommeliers

After our last post Dutch Tea Festival, we discovered this wonderful Dutch writer and tea  sommelier Kristin Van Eetvelt, her book "Tea in the courts. A culinary experience!" is a one of a kind lifestyle book, showing the role of culinary tea sommeliers. Here to Stay This new trend is spreading fast, with foodies becoming... Continue Reading →

Dutch Tea Festival

On May 28, 2017 Dutch Tea Festival, for the second year running. This festival will feature everything from a tea market, tea ceremonies, workshops and so much more! Enjoy the Dutch bikes with a cup of freshly brewed tea! This year there is a clamoring tea showcase, with hundreds of teas and tastings available at... Continue Reading →

Essential Guide for Tea Brewing

Preparing tea is an exercise in simplicity, nothing but boiling water, pouring it over the leaves, waiting for a while and then serving. However true this statement is, there are hundreds of teas on the market that need attention and knowledge in their preparation. Making a delicious cup of tea is a play of tea... Continue Reading →

Best Summer Teas 2017

Infuzed has decided to make a list of our Top Summer Teas for 2017! This is a celebration of our favorite tea brands - from herbal teas to green tea, black tea, white tea, rooibos tea, oolong tea, unique blends and more! We recommend pairing each tea with a good dose of sunshine and memories this summer!... Continue Reading →

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